Are You a PrimeFlight Worker Experiencing Wage Theft?

PrimeFlight Aviation Services has a troubling history of wage and hour problems regarding its employees at airports across the country.  Since 2005, PrimeFlight Aviation Services has had to pay in excess of $3.3 million in total settlements, back wages, and penalties related to wage and hour problems.

These issues are ongoing.  Recently, workers at Newark International Airport sued the company for wage and hour issues including automatically clocking out workers regardless of whether workers worked past the automatic clock-outs and failing to pay workers for overtime.  This week, workers at LaGuardia Airport filed wage and hour complaints with the New York State Department of Labor for working through their lunch breaks without being paid for this work.

Given the company’s past and present wage and hour problems found at airports across the country, we would like to hear from you if you believe you’ve been a victim of these practices.

Please note, if you currently belong to a union, please speak directly to your union representative about the problems you may be experiencing. If you already belong to a union, please do not leave a message on the hotline.

If you do not currently belong to a union, please fill out the below form: