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Get to Know the Top Employee Recruitment Techniques

Will you be hiring in the year 2020? If you are, then it is quite important that you begin planning your recruitment strategy as early as now. Well, it often takes 27 days to hire a new worker. But, it is a great thing that technology has certainly helped make recruiting much easier than before. But, you must know that it can still be very challenging to search for the right candidate. Knowing the latest recruitment techniques can improve such chance of searching for the best hire. You should know the innovative employee recruitment techniques for the coming year 2020. You have to know more about retained vs contingent recruitment.

One is programmatic advertising. You should understand that such programmatic advertising would definitely include the use of such automated job postings that would target the candidate profiles that you are looking for. Well, this may not be a new technology, but it can be a great thing that you would utilize this kind of technique. With programmatic advertising, then you can be sure that your advertisements will appear where the candidates are searching. This can be a good option aside from the retained vs contingent recruitment.

It would also be a fantastic thing that you make use of video interviewing. Know that the power of technology would help you interview the clients face-to-face regardless of where you are exactly in the world. The use of video interviewing, like through Skype and FaceTime, would surely help you to speak directly to the candidate without the need to travel or meet up with them. Also, you have to know that this can be quite helpful when you are going to hire for that remote position and the candidate lives in another region. Also, you can actually have the video interview as the first phase when it comes to the interview process.

Aside from the retained vs contingent recruitment, you may also use the employee referral program. Such recruitment strategy has certainly been around for many decades and this isn’t going anywhere quite soon. You could make sure that the referred hires aren’t only talented but they would fit right into the company culture too. But, you should not just be asking only for employee referrals. You need to come up with an employee referral program. You may actually include some perks like extra vacation time, bonus or any other incentives that you can think of.

You should also let the employees know about the hiring process. You should be able to let them know if you have interviewed their friend and what you actually think of them.

There can be other recruitment strategies that you can utilize. You can surely choose from retained vs contingent recruitment strategies. Actually, it is going to be up to you to use what you want so that you can find the right candidates for your company.